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released April 14, 2017

Nick Redmond - Vocals, Guitar
Zachary Ellis - Guitar, Vocals
Justin Vanegas - Bass, Additional Guitar, Vocals
Ricky Marasigan - Piano and Keyboard
Jason Bolich - Drums, Additional Guitar, Percussion, Keyboard, Mandolin

Special Guests:

Judy Cruces - Violin, Vocals
Alan Chen - Violin
Ted Seitz - Viola
Austin Graham - Cello
Michael Booker - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Noah Ortiz - Bass Trombone
Maia "MJoy" Wiitala - Vocals

Produced and Engineered by Justin Alquist and Jason Bolich
Mixed by Justin Vanegas
Mastered by Jonathan Devoto
Recorded at Dirt Room Studios in El Cerrito, A Cabin In The Woods, and Wherever The Hell Else We Could Find

Artwork by Bailey Zindel

Words and Music by Septacy
Additional lyrics Provided by Cameron Cheney and Zach Greathouse

Dedicated to Stephen Bolich


all rights reserved



Septacy Oakland, California

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Track Name: Armistice
The face of fear has beckoned all
A foreboding, faceless, cold expression
An arraignment forcing peace
With an attempt to keep us from aggression

As we sit and contemplate
Our state of being, how we’re living
Sinister plans have taken root and are ever pulling
Never giving

Don’t concede

You and your kin can’t be forced to give in
If your battle begins with a mind sharpened by you heart

Change your fate
Submission will blind you
Emancipate from the contracts that bind you
The feeding hand has lost its grip
But our throats will keep on tightening if we slip

If we starve
At least we’ll carve
A warning for new generations
But for now we’ll carry arms
And protect our souls from degradation

You and your kin can’t be forced to give in
If your battle begins with a mind sharpened by you heart
For it’s a start and in time
We’ll teach our children about peace
But this is war
Eyes on the future
Settle the score

Love is much deeper than any man’s pocket
When liberty lends luxury to liars who then lock it
Down with the pursuit of truth, the ability to persist
When you have fight the be human
When you have to fight to exist
Rip the tape right off of your mouth
Feel how breathing keeps you living
While you lift your weighted problems
Open up and shout it out

Break out of your silent prison
Your ambitions aren’t yet riven
With our spirits never faltered, we won’t fail
Track Name: Polaris
Look ahead.
What do you see?
Colors surrounding me.
They fly and they bounce with such personality
but make your point and they cease to be.

There's something in the air.
Visible but barely there.
We're in this together; this chaos; this new despair.
And now it seems, we won't be freed.

Eyes dilate
Receive the spectrum that portrays your fate.
Ones and twos
Reds and blues
You'd better get used to this room.

I'm not the one who's seen the beings in the sky burning and turning their days into nights. Bending the space inside these solid walls, they've pulled me in and let me fall.

Who am I? Why do my thoughts and my desires shine right through the light, but they don't look like my reflection? Days and nights I spent on being what I thought was right, but right or wrong, it doesn't matter when you've lost your fight.

You were there
right by my side.
But we will divide.
They'll part the sea between what was you and I,
but clear is this sea that took me from you,
so your face I'll see and you'll see mine too.

Hold on for now.

I've never seen this place before and it welcomes me with false intentions, interventions.
But believe me, if there's something more, we'll do our best to suffocate its chances, light our matches.

Hold on for now.
Track Name: 7 8 9
There’s a world unseen
Just beyond perception
Inhabited by horrors
And manufactured beasts

Sift through rust and decay,
Praying that I'll be okay.

This place is so familiar,
(Scream into the silence, darkness all around us)
Its space is cold and vacant
(Bring a map to lead us, shine a light between us)
But I've got this awful feeling
(This is not a coffin, death is not an option)
There's something in here with me.
(I am just an Outcast, staring at the contrast)

Claws and limbs reaching forth
What did I come here for?

Empty streets with no names
(Can't go in and you can't go back)
A darkened city changing shape.
(Lightless days)

I close my eyes and try to catch the breath that I've been holding, clinging to the light as vicious darkness is approaching… And for a moment I forget I'm here, so far away from you. (and these dark alleys almost feel like home) If there's a method to this madness, I don't think I want to know.

Losing my sanity
Break these chains, set me free.

If my body’s just a vessel, go on and tear me limb from limb. This world is just a fire we are fueling.

Crimson hands round my throat
Rip the flesh from my bones.
Tortured souls in the walls
Take my life- end it all.

Empty streets with no names
A darkened city filled with pain.
Track Name: That Night, a Forest Grew
Soft speak
from quiet lips.
my fingerprints.
Knees bruised
from when you fell,
and I swore I’d catch you.

Will I catch you?
You tell me.

The trees
extend a hand
to help you up again.
And now we
flip through play books,
bite the fish hook,
lead the lives of love at first look,
only to starve in the end.

“It’s all your fault,”
you tell me,
from a far off sea
where you won’t hear this
You took yourself from me,
and now I drift among your sea.

I did not know I should be afraid.
But my grave has grown so cold and
blue without your rose.
And when I fall to hell,
will you catch me?
You tell me.
Track Name: Palace in the Stars
I gazed into her vastness
Each star like a child, wandering in blackness.
It was there at the steps
She greeted me with a kiss
That singed my lips
With calm and quiet fire.

The sound waved softer.
The flames burnt brighter.
She took me
Farther from home than I'd ever be,
Knee deep in cotton candy clouds
On the horizon-
At the edge of every sunset.

She led me inside.
Projections of love and war surround me.
The tides of time
Measured in tiny life-times-
Were shown on each wall
Like holy tapestries.
With the truth of it all
teasing in my periphery.

All is a dream.
Realistic as it seems,
We are all just clever liars.

The soul of love,
Smiling softly as it does,
Moved through the place.
Light beaming and breaking calmly,
The scent of flower gardens,
The sound of water falling
Made the thought drop:
“All is an accident, all is beautiful.”

All is forgiven in the ecstasy.
Ascending the pain and pleasure
Of harmony,
I closed my eyes and peace profoundly
came over me like gentle waves
washing on shores to new lands
where I find her smiling.
Tender and kind,
She kissed me awake.

All is a dream.
Realistic as it seems,
We are all just clever liars.
Truth sets one free
Difficult as it may be.
For now we are as moths climbing fires

Then, in violent bursts,
She spurred me.
Reveling in the revealing
Of ultimate reality,
The Truth devoured me
And left me whirling.
I laughed and I cried till surely
I did neither.

It’s all a dream
realistic as it seems.
The Truth will set us free-
We, as moths, one with the fire.
Bright and brilliant
As this palace in the stars.
For now
We are all just clever liars.
Track Name: The Clouds Above the Giving Tree
Would you please
grant the honor and
dance with me?
as we breathe
as we breathe we
fill our lungs
with the fire from our own tongues
taken from the giving tree
dance with me dance with me

Spoil yourself with all that feels right.
Leave behind day to day for a night.
Abandon reason and deny God
the satisfaction of being correct for once.

two hearts
two souls
two mouths
Breathing in

Breath out
the clouds surround us
Lie down
we meet again
Stars out
we lay inside my
beneath our sky

I need to take a breather.
The air is so thin
atop this mountain of sin.
I see the clouds beneath us.

It’s a long way down.
We won’t risk the fall
if we just climb higher.

breathe in…
breathe in.
Track Name: 10/11
We were strangers
You looked at me
dripping with IV
and I, so naive
could not see.

On your way out
You wrote to me
with ink from the Atlantic sea
that for her I
would mirror thee.

Well crystal dew
clings to the street
and the smoke lingers
in the rug beneath
with silver skies,
and blue-grey eyes.

Angel Time flies
and takes with him
your heart against
her childish head.
I’d crack the bell
that gave him his wings.

She had purpose, but could not find it
among the days of countless sunsets.

You’ll be ok
I begged her to stay,
but my plea was not heard that day.
The guilt is mine either way.

And that was when
I fled out to the staircase,
blood inflating my face,
bright and red and shaking in place.
I held her hand
to hide my disgrace.

When until then
we’d slept in peace
and shared the bruises on our knees
‘neath trees and towers
far from me.

She had purpose but could not find it.
Her tears left puddles for me to drown in.

I’m on my knees
in a pew of disease
throat exposed
looking up past the trees

to see your face,
a warm embrace.
I’m not the one
to recreate

that late, lost love
she so desperately needs.
So please, I beg you, give it back.

We were strangers
Track Name: Steal the Night
Six, twelve, six-teen and all that I want is there in your eyes
An angel in flashing lights. Hold my hand. We’ll steal the night.

We were sixteen. You opened my heart with your smile
A world I’d been taught to deny. Kiss me, love, as we die.

You'd always say the we only have each other, but life isn't so black and white.
I'm not your victim, no, I'm not your martyr.
I'm just what you think is not right.

I thought we could use a night out dancing out loud.
Alone, we’re the kings of the crowd. Hold me close. We’ll steal the night.

You said we would get all those years. Triumphs and tears.
Dreams we’d make into our lives. Hold on, love. Don’t say good-bye.

I'm writing my panicked goodbyes
A departure so sudden and soon.
Too soon.

Six, twelve, six-teen and all that I want is there in your eyes
An angel in flashing lights. Hold my hand. We’ll steal the night.
Track Name: Vice Versa
Let me drink from my pan
Like the dog you’ve made of me
Sub par sustenance
But what do I know of greed?

Just do your job. Make the choice to let them pull your strings.

As you sing of your sincere struggle
My song is the song unsung
As I drown in ash and rubble
Will these words carry from my tongue?

You'll testify, thrown to lions as you plead.

You take your time
And so steal mine
A corrupt design
You’ll destroy my kind

Sickness ascends as we move toward the end
Health on decline as they tear down our shrine

Inside of the holes
Where we conscript the souls
And shepard the lost
As they weep at the cost

They will never be saved
From the anguish they’ve made
And the people they bury
And the sins that they carry

You'll testify, thrown to lions as you plead.
Track Name: Verbatim
The first voice I heard was the wailing of the wind
Banging on the entry door, begging me to let him in
Then came the crash, a blinding yellow flash
A feeling that you try to share but no one thinks to ask

And when the rain began to pour with a sadness never felt before
Like heaven wept for something more
A bleeding heart, an open door

And I tried to be a whisper but thoughts weigh less when bodies blister

I saw the ground beneath my feet become a man with jagged teeth
Whose words were ones of broken beats
Singing songs I couldn't sing along

And you were a fire
A blinding ball of entropy bound in copper wire
And I am just a silhouette of something once desired

Then the blank spaces above our heads grew bolder every day
How good is a word if it's a word you cannot say
Perhaps they were just chords we never learned to play
I guess that's kind of funny in a way
I guess it's kind of funny in a way

I was a blade of grass the storm would carry through the concrete tomb
I felt as weightless as the selfless things that we so often do
I've spent seventeen years denying that I have a soul
Now I feel like I can fly but only ‘cause I've lost control

I'm a tired man, I've reached the end of my confession
If death is all a plan then maybe life is just concession
Now I've become the words that cross our minds when payment's due
And I don't wanna die but that's what our conversations do

I can't even save you or maybe I don't want to. A wrinkle in my heart.
Season, the season's changing swiftly. The wind is turning with me. And I know that you won't.

If all I am is all I'll ever be, won't you forgive me
Consider it a compliment if I forget you, at least I'm willing
Track Name: Oasis
We are all traveling monks in a vast desert.
Cast out at sand sea, lost in wonder.
Though it’s lonely and barren,
we sometimes reach an oasis
where we stay or set off for new places.

We cherish the moments our paths cross,
because we’ve been walking for so long.
Even though we’ve all been lost
we forget all that’s wrong
and dance under sky fire.
Then we find after a night of love, laughter, and life-
the sunrise steals us back to our journey
like breaths taken in the haste and hurry
of our minds forging experience into memory.

With each new face, in every kindness and grace-
A new idea has taken residence in your heart and mind-
Where they live forever in your words and in your eyes
and cast love into the empty
till their fear and pain subside.
Filling other’s cups, soon you’ll find-
You are the oasis, the Promised Land
in this desert of mine.

Take care, love. Though the sand atop the hourglass thins,
Know time spent was time taken.

With lips cracked and split,
We sit searching skies
For respite.
What Truth is this?
Such brightness.
Track Name: Caina
Is this reality? Is this my world? Or is my mind projecting all of its concerns? The air is heavy now, too thick to breathe. And the weight on my shoulders, it drags me, it drags me deep
down below
I curse at the mirror and hate it for what it shows.

She never had a choice.

Living in silence,
my heart beats a quiet
rhythm of regret
waiting to sleep.

Take my life for hers.
Glowing red my skin

she sleeps in the ground
humming silent sounds
in a coffin laced
up and canvas-bound

Bath with blade in hand
Water clear now painted

she met the sidewalk fast
she’d learned living lasts
now her life remains
just in the past

Take my life for hers
Take my life for hers

She made friends with the voices in the walls and the frames in the halls they laughed in her face but she didn't seem to care. Now they mourn her loss and I hear their cries through the glass as I pass.

Let her be? It can't be. It should be me.
Track Name: Of Birth & Death
I don't know what's going on.
Everyone around me is on their knees.
As they close their eyes they speak as one.
Is the road ahead of me
predetermined to go uphill?
I hope so yet I barely grasp the concept.

I thought he’d weep for us
but it never rains where I live.
Like the clouds who’ve given up on the flowers,
my body rests
while my mind dries up, evaporates.
And my hollowed shell is left to rot.

Oh brothers of mine
what differences of ours will truly shine
far brighter than our souls?
The bookends of birth and death
keep us in the middle.
Our stories read and closed now rest
all on the same shelf.

Teach me to love,
then grade my performance.
In this room of tests and wooden desks
we’re taught to embrace
the feelings of our brothers
as that of our own
We’re one in the same
Yet we exchange shame
Like it's currency
Throw away everything

Am I as broken as you make me feel?
Am I as broken as the evidence suggests?
Is this what love is?
A conditional high?
A privilege for when you comply?

Our souls reached out to each other
but our bodies denied their request.
A severed connection cut through to the bone
where I once put my hand on your face
has dried up all alone.

(Oh something)
Make the pain go away
Make the pain go away
I'll do anything
this pain we all share make it please go away

You say we need justice through to the end
but isn’t justice just justified revenge?
Why are my hands ‘round your throat?
They may as well be a rope
and my body the ceiling from which you hang.

There's no end to the violence we see
One day we’ll teach our children about peace
But until then
eyes on the future
settle the score

Break out of your silent prison
Our ambitions aren’t yet riven
When our spirits come together we won’t fail

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